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A kind of leather material with conductive function has been developed in Guanguan Enterprise
From: SunGoal(DongGuan) Advanced Mterials Tech Co.,Ltd Post date: 2019-04-01

"When this material is used as gloves, it can control touch-controlled capacitive screen electronic products such as mobile phones and computers without removing them." Yesterday, Zeng Hao, general manager of Daojiao Shengguo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shengguo New Material"), said in an interview with reporters that a utility model patent with conductive function developed by the company may become a new growth point of the company's performance in the future. In recent years, technology research and development has enabled the company to achieve rapid development at the rate of 20% per year, enabling the company to succeed from a simulation company. Leather material suppliers cut into the middle and high-end market of shoe and garment making, and build their own brand of raw materials.
—— Our reporter Zhang Huaqiao/Wen
Grasp the Source and Step into the Middle and High Level of Industrial Chain
In order to enter the high-end market in the industrial chain, Shengguo New Materials registered trademarks for each series of simulated leather materials, thereby enhancing the added value of products. "At present, four brand names of new materials with different functions have been registered under the name of Shengguo New Materials." Zeng Hao said.
However, for most enterprises which mainly focus on technology research and development, the market promotion of new materials and brands is not only expensive, but also often needs to go through a long period of time. How to open the market quickly? Shengguo New Materials has taken a "shortcut".
"After the new material comes out, we will attend various international large-scale exhibitions, directly docking with the front-line design brand of the shoe industry. "Zeng Hao said that designers are the source of the whole industry, once designers adopt our products, then follow-up orders will not be a problem.
Since 2011, the two annual Italian Luxurious Leather Fairs and the Shanghai International Leather Fair have become the necessary exhibitions for the company to promote new materials.
"In February this year, the company's main task is to communicate with many old customers and promote new products." Zeng Hao said that Aldo, ARMANI, Guess, H&M, Polo, Zara, as well as Baili, Aokang and other well-known brands at home and abroad have become their customers.
However, as a traditional simulated leather industry, Zeng Hao did not expect that the company developed a new utility model patent with conductive function, and also received the attention of a famous mobile phone brand, which is expected to break through the current business category and become a new performance growth point in the future.
"Some time ago, a smartphone company came to visit, and it is expected to cooperate with us on a utility model patent technology in the future." Zeng Hao said.
Zeng Haokou's utility model patent is a patent technology named "a conductive synthetic leather structure". The patent has the function of conducting electricity and keeping warm by adding dry conductive PU lines. It can be used to control touch-controlled capacitive screen electronic products such as mobile phones and computers without removing gloves.
"Lending Intelligence" Research and Development to Promote Rapid Technological Improvement
Zeng Hao's entrepreneurial experience has typical characteristics of Guan Shang. In 2002, Zeng Hao entered a Taiwanese-funded enterprise and resigned two years later to start a simulated leather foreign trade company, starting his own road in the industry.
Shengguo's foreign trade in new materials developed smoothly before 2008. "Although in the low-end market of imitation leather industry, there is no bargaining power, but the whole industry environment and the accumulation of previous experience let us live well." Zeng Hao said.
In 2008, the financial crisis came unexpectedly, and the sharp reduction of foreign orders put many foreign trade enterprises in a difficult position. It is also from this year that Zeng Hao, who has always been keen on technological research and development, has cut into new materials for imitating leather and transformed from foreign trade to technological research and development.
The transformation and upgrading of Shengguo's new materials is not only the result of the financial crisis, but also the inevitable trend of industry development. According to China Investment Information Network's "China synthetic leather industry investment analysis and prospects forecast report for 2019-2023", the domestic synthetic leather industry has developed rapidly in recent ten years with the development of downstream shoemaking, furniture and other industries, as well as the industrial transfer of global manufacturing industry.
Although the development trend of the industry has been stepped on, the upgrading of technology and the research and development of new materials are not imminent. The transformation of Shengguo's new materials is still facing the predicament of technology shortage under the competition of many old-brand enterprises.
"We know the painful points of the development of the industry, such as the weak air permeability of leather, the lack of environmental protection of materials and so on. However, the company's technology accumulation is still weak, and it takes a long time to achieve a breakthrough in technology. Zeng Hao said that for this reason, Shengguo New Materials adopted a "wisdom-borrowing" approach after 2008, attracting R&D teams such as Japan and Taiwan to cooperate in R&D.
With the rapid development of the industry, Shengguo's road of "borrowing wisdom" of new materials has expanded in a larger scope. Years of industry experience in the industry has made the company know the characteristics of many factories like the palm of its hand. "After on-the-spot investigation, we cooperate with these manufacturers to develop new materials, and later mass production is also carried out here." Zeng Hao said that this method not only improves the speed of technology research and development, but also opens up the market of factories, so that Shengguo new materials in the industry is welcomed. "We have seven cooperative R&D manufacturers in Dongguan and five in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. "Zeng Hao said.
In addition, in order to enhance the ability of independent research and development, Shengguo New Materials has invested a lot of money in introducing automation equipment from the beginning, and adopted "machine replacement" to enable the company to light-load and put more energy into technology research and development. "At present, the company has nearly 70 people, a production line can be completed by three or four people. "Zeng Hao said.
Breakthrough of Technology and Operation of Multiple Cooperation Modes

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