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April, clear, Zheng Fangfei.
From: SunGoal(DongGuan) Advanced Mterials Tech Co.,Ltd Post date: 2019-04-25

Fresh after rain.
The morning was shining like a wash.
One tree and one tree blossoms.
A litter of stamens.
Strings of fruit.
April, clear, Zheng Fangfei.
Not in a hurry, walk slowly, enjoy slowly. Spring breeze ten miles, wait for the soul.

Ha-ha, this last sentence is a bit pretentious, but also a bit godly. If the soul can wait, then luck, luck and many good things in mind can wait. The word "wait" reminds me of the absurd novel Waiting for Godot. Who is Gordo? Will he come? Should we wait? In fact, we can only say that there are different opinions. Wait for the truth, wait for the logic, life, who is not walking, stopping, all the way down.

This morning, I was on my way to work with steady little steps. It's just right to be busy today. On the second day of the monthly exam, there were no classes and invigilation tasks. I went to work on time consciously, just to complete online marking. And it's nearly half done the night before. The mood is relaxed and happy. In fact, there is no such hidden reason for such laziness, because the spring is so beautiful that I can not bear to be disappointed and thrown away in vain, so beautiful that I regard a walk in the morning as a happy ritual in my usual day. Yesterday, I read the words of a blogger who wrote, "Life is not long, but a day is fleeting.

When I get up early, I think I can smell the smell of the rest of my life. Time for me, time for me, life is not enough, the rest of life is not enough, and I am in my twilight years. To tell you the truth, these words are deeply rooted in my heart, and I am also concerned about them. Because, empathy! Remembering Lu Fangweng's feeling, "The year will be half a year, the older you get, the more you know about your life." Just in the face of time flies, in the face of hard work, in the face of frost, lovely Fang Weng found his most acceptable export, so, "all the days of life are idle, there is no way to get drunk." This is not drunk, everyone is drunk! Nevertheless, in idle years, what's wrong with having fun in time? And people eventually have more elegant entertainment, "the world can be cold and warm, hands do not touch the book I hate." This is a good specimen for retreat and leisure. It's zero cost. It's a great joy, in my opinion.
Every day, in addition to ordinary trivial, there will always be some heartfelt little good, happy little joys, visits, to comfort, suddenly feel that life is so beautiful, the world is so worthwhile, life is so precious!But such a sincere and eager feeling is my most beautiful years have never been remembered, at that time, I live indifferently, and sometimes a little impatient. If we love life so much for the rest of our lives, will we live a life of greed for the world and fear death? Ha ha, this is really a problem! I can't imagine how funny it is to look at my children and grandchildren, at the flowers and plants on earth, and mumble. I don't want to die. I want to live long. How funny it is!
Don't think about the past, don't fear the future, just talk about the present. 

Brilliant red is the way to go. Flame flower is my most cordial companion. Flowering time is long, often unbeaten. The tree is tall and lofty, and it seldom gets close to flowers. Many of the flower branches this spring look down modestly and open, so that I can see many beautiful red flowers at close range and be satisfied. I have been very happy to accept the collision of extreme green and extreme red. In the early years, I did not like the appearance of the flower. I gave the popular name in my heart - Bride Tree. Beautiful, warm and strong. It was not known at that time that it was called Flame Flower.
Bright yellow, elegant. The yellow cicada flower is a gentle and graceful girl on my secluded path. Quiet, dignified and beautiful. One by one small trumpet, facing the morning sun, smiling, how to look at it is not enough. The fresh trumpet landed on the lawn is like a tired butterfly, as if it would fly lightly after a while. Corresponding to such a beautiful corner of goose and yellow, there are also the beautiful yellow flowers of a tree and a tree of Huangsuzuki, which do not disturb the leaves, completely dominate the screen, silk texture, yellow flowers. Beautiful people, at a loss.

Tender powder, shy answer. This is the beautiful little flower of oleander. The belt park was built last summer. The oleander planted along a river bank is just the delicate pink flowers in the green onion youth. It reminds me of Daiyu in Honglou Grand View Garden. It is so lovely, so light, and always arouses your love. The early morning rain, gently sprinkled on the water-colored petals, like the grass in fairyland as clean and exquisite. The river is long, like a sentimental teenager, deeply in love and somewhat shy and shy at a loss, want to pull up the tender hands but dare not make a second, green and clean love. Let the fragrance of time come slowly to make love beautiful.
Plain white. This is a kind of flower I newly recognized this morning. The name is very poetic. It's called Rui mu. Corolla white, butterfly-shaped high feet, five petals slender and soft, the stamens a little glittering red. How beautiful it should be! Because it is pure white, it is very fragrant. The green leaves of a green tree adorn countless stars with bright white. Stamens, stamens are fragrant hearts of plants and trees.

A tree full of fruit. This is my morning, welcome, a little dismayed. A red and yellow fruit, like a pebble thrown by a naughty boy, has no malice, but just wants to pull me to stop and look at it. This tree, this fruit, in spring, new and unique scenery. Alpine Ficus, many of them

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