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Sheng China International Leather Show 2019 ends!
From: SunGoal(DongGuan) Advanced Mterials Tech Co.,Ltd Post date: 2019-12-16

The three-day China International Leather Show has come to a close! We use quality to win the market, with intimate service to get domestic and international customers praise, but also to thank new and old customers, friends all the way with! Thank you! !!

We also need to realize that while the show is over, our mission is not. We must continue to make efforts to improve the conference and exhibition summary Work, and finally thank you for your company all the way!

We will unswervingly adhere to do a good imitation leather, good service, to achieve the benefits of our customers to lay the most solid foundation for growth, let us meet again next time, see you!

Company Profile: Dongguan Shengguo is the world's leading expert in imitation leather, with leather technology solutions suppliers. Taking the customer as the center and the market as the sound, the company innovates continuously around the customer demand, cooperates with the industry partner, creates the value unceasingly for the customer and the society.

Main products: artificial leather, synthetic leather, Pu leather, Pu leather, super-fiber leather, leather classic super-fiber

  Dongguan Shengguo New Material Technology Co. , Ltd.

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